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Mr. Depp's career is plowing ahead while yours has run aground for the simple reason that he's never sold himself ("Hi there, fans, I'm Johnny Depp.") He's always sold his characters, which form a veritable menagerie of types and styles.

To me, this is the most salient point: Mr. Depp always sells his characters and indeed, can play an astonishing array of characters. Tom Cruise has much more limited range, imo.

I do admit to more than a little prejudice and limits of experience. I pointedly avoid a lot of films which feature Tom Cruise which is one of the reasons I missed Magnolia on DVD (it never played near me). Maybe he is quite good in films I haven't seen. I have liked him in some roles: Rainman leaps to mind. But mostly, to me, he plays some version of himself or some version of his fantasy self (Mission Impossible movies). And I just don't find him very likeable or interesting.

I also avoid Tim Burton films and am still upset that Depp was in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (or that Burton was allowed near the film) and Wonka (ditto re: Tim Burton). But I have seen quite a number of Depp's other films, each of which (Pirates franchise excepted) he portrays distinctly different characters and plays them well: I believe his character--he disappears in the role. His roles may or may not actually showcase some aspect of his personality: I honestly don't know, but when I see one of his films, I believe his character. On the other hand, most (but not all) the time, I see Tom Cruise in his films. I could easily say the same about George Clooney but to me, Clooney is a lot more charming a screen presence.
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