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Hah! Gate, you will NEVER convert me to Kindle, no matter how quickly it pays for itself.

I know that independent booksellers (independent anything, really) are hard to find and disappearing, fast. That's another reason I feel so passionate about them. I know how lucky we are to have what we do and I want to keep it around as long as I can....Am a bit worried: we have as many tatoo parlors as we do bookstores in this town, which is an improved ratio from before Chris opened his store. Keep in mind this is a college town, with two universities and a tech school. Off campus, only two bookstores, one of them not a 'real' bookstore, selling only best sellers. Am not sure if the used paperback one is still around. It moved to another part of town, off my beaten path, a few years ago and I've lost track.....
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