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Actually, I buy a lot of books, many from the local independent book seller. That's important to me for a number of reasons:

1. We always, always, always bought books. No matter how poor: every pay day was a trip to the book store, even if it was just for a soft cover children's book for one of the kids and maybe something from the discount bin. Those days it was a university bookstore, for the most part. I love to read and don't give myself nearly enough time to do it.

2. I like the bookstore owner, on a personal level. I appreciate how much he does for our community, a small city at a minimum of 30 miles away from the next largest city with a a larger (chain) bookstore. Chris works hard in our community, organizing, producing and promoting a variety of literacy and cultural programs aimed at people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. He's a young man and is working very hard at something he loves in order to help provide for his family. I admire the grace and determination he exhibits. AND--he's great at his job. He and his staff always have terrific picks/recommendations. He's never steered me wrong and is almost always able to get whatever I want, and in those rare cases when he cannot, he steers me towards someone who can.

3. I also deeply appreciate the principles of an independent book seller vs the generic big retail chains which have so much, but have so much less personality, so much less in terms of personal service. Big chains don't just sell books, they also help to determine what gets published, what gets put out on book shelves. I am uncomfortable with just one or two major chains of bookstores with remote corporate headquarters having so much power over such an important part of my life, of all our lives: what is published and what is available to the public.

4. Unfortunately, I am not able to get to my local library very often. I work every Sat. and am off Mon-Tues. The library is closed on Mondays (as are a lot of things around here) so I often have a lot to cram into my Tuesdays. I love my library, but until I can retire, it's not going to be something I can indulge in very often, sadly enough.
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