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I did find it slow to get into The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, just a bit. It really picked up when story focused on Lisbeth more. Oddly enough, the Swedish names weren't much of a problem. But I never would have made it through if it had been all Russian names! I did keep turning to the family tree for all the Vangers. That made it easier to sort out. And reminded myself that a man was writing it so that the writer character was...as my daughter put it: a bit like James Bond, only a writer. So, not so believable as a character. It is Lisbeth who carries the book, even when she's not on the pages....

Without giving anything away, I did want to say that I am immensely sorry that Stieg's life was cut so short: I would have very much liked to have learned more about Lisbeth's family.

Re: Jim Butcher's books: I got my son and one of his friends addicted to them. I haven't kept up: I'll have to borrow some from him----when he was overseas, I built the whole collection up to that point for him in paperback. It took him a bit to believe me when I said they were really good--I hadn't realized he was actually reading them until he told me he and his friend were on a run to the next town with a bigger book store to find the latest installment.

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