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Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 7/12

SoapCentral Tidbits

Anthony's presence irks Dusty

Lucinda launches a new scheme

Craig and Lily's New York adventure turns romantic

Katie exposes Vienna's lies

Liberty is upset to see Parker and Faith getting closer

Gwen and Will want to get to the truth

Barbara's illness worsens

Spoilers for down the road...

Death claims two lives in Oakdale

An Oakdale duo make love for the first time

An unexpected couple says 'I do'

Katie's heartbreak leads her to make an important decision

Casey and Alison are drawn together again

Paul and Henry team up to find Barbara

Damian isn't finished

Barbara welcomes home Will, Gwen and Hallie

No one is pleased when Iris makes a return to Oakdale

Luke learns something troubling about Reid's past

Luke is surprised by his feelings

Luke and Reid make important plans

Reid suffers a terrible blow

Noah realizes where he went wrong

Noah's return has Luke in turmoil

Noah lays down the gauntlet

Noah makes a promise

Lucinda's latest plot involves Lucy's returning to Oakdale

Abigail returns for Holden and Molly's wedding

Bob and John Dixon butt heads upon John's return

John has a surprise for Lucinda

Bob won't step down until he's implemented Chris and Reid as the future of Oakdale Memorial

Bob has Chris or Reid in mind to take over as Chief of Staff

Rosanna returns to Oakdale for a special occasion

Janet gives birth under trying circumstances

Ralph seeks vengeance

Henry wants to end his marriage

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