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I'm typing from my Kindle so I'll make this short. I looked at both the Kindle and the Nook before I bought my Kindle and the software is far superior on the Kindle. ;) The free classic books are available in all different formats so you don't need an ereader to view them BUT it's wonderful that the books are available in kindle format.

Dax, the Kindle has multiple bookmark, highlight & note capability so you wouldn't have the slightest problem marking your spot or passages. You can also read multiple books simultaneously and it automatically remembers your place on all your books. You can also store 1000 books on the Kindle and unlimited books in archive.

It comes with FREE wifi so you can download your books anytime and in different countries. You can also plug it into your computer with a USB cable and download that way. It will also read/ convert PDF files fir your viewing pleasure.

The best part of the Kindle/Nook is the eink. This makes your reading experience just like a book so there is no glare or eye strain from backlighting unlike a computer thar has terrible glare and causes eyestrain.

The reason I got the Kindle is because you can adjust the font size/style and that has been a lifesaver for my tired old eyes.
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