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re: Winter's Bone: just picked it um Monday, so I'm just starting it now.

So far, the voice is interesting. And interesting/sad/weird to me is that, from what I've read, the author and apparently most of the rest of the world is completely clueless as to how rural people with little cash actually find food. I grew up eating squirrels, rabbits and morels from the woods; later pheasant and quail when my dad and uncle started hunting birds instead of squirrels and rabbits. Over hunting/lack of environment had reduced deer populations to negligible when I was a kid but they've sure rebounded since. I thought of quail, rabbit and morels as poor people food. Little did I know. Not that we were really poor--as far as I knew, a roof over our head and food on the table was never in question. We girls worked awfully hard to be able to have 5 different outfits to wear to school so we didn't have to wear the same thing twice in one week. Getting to wear jeans to school was a god send: you could wear them more than once without looking like you didn't have any clothes.
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