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May 1 2010, 10:32 PM
Well isn't this interesting.....good for them! I was channel surfing the other day and saw Bradley Cole on GH. Is he a regular on there now? I'll bet his fans are thrilled.
Yeah he is semi-regular now. I dont think it'll be longterm but yes unfortunately he is darkening Port Chucks doorstep these days. And the irony, his characters last name...Bauer.

It does seem pricey for a DVD but I'll probably at least check out the first project. There are enough people I really like to outweigh not buying it for those I dont. I do hope they play something different than they did on GL, as much as I loved the show, at this point its time to move on. I can appreciate that they are using the GL base to get a kickstart and its enough to get me interested now I want something new to keep me interested.
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