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Just came back from Clash of the Titans. In 3 D, the first time I've been to a theater showing a moving in true (or any) 3 D. I must say, the 3 D was not as bad as I thought but I don't much like it. Whether it is an anomaly of my eyes/brain or the quality of the show, I don't know but from time to time a small part of the screen was not 3 D but rather, I could see two images imposed upon one another. I got something of a headache from it, but it went away. Poor hubby fared far worse, with a headache that started during the previews in 3d (some movie based on animated heroic owls) and since he wanted to see it so badly, it was especially upsetting for him.

The show wasn't as bad as I had feared but my husband was bitterly disappointed (see headache above). My expectations must have been lower than my husbands or maybe it was the relative degree of headache.

Dax will be glad to know that there were at least two very beautiful actresses in the film. Gemma Arterton was stunning as Io, and Alexa Davalos as Andromeda was also very beautiful. Both actresses have been in far better films as has most of the cast.

Next on our list: Date Night.
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