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Jan 11 2010, 12:27 PM
I also saw Up in the Air. I think that Clooney was in every single scene, which was a good thing. His performance was...perfect. Supporting cast was great. Very good, dead on scene about how your expectations of love and life change as you move into your 30's and beyond, mostly between Clooney's love interest and protege, well played by Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick, respectively. I love Clooney and not just because he is so attractive and charming. Here, he plays once again, a character who succeeds mostly because of his personal charm and charisma, but with layers of intelligence and heart that you get the impression he has long ago forgotten he ever had. You get a glimpse of who Ryan must have been at one time, and who he allows himself to be, a tiny bit, at the end. I found this film to be extremely successful.
I finally saw this movie!!! Tgir, it is everything you said and more. Except George C. was more than perfect, he was sublime. He hasn't been this sexy (to me) in a movie since he did Out Of Sight over ten years ago. Jason Reitman, the director, was on Oprah last Friday.....a great interview, I adore him. Did you know the clips of the people in the movie who were fired were played by real people who had just lost their jobs? How brilliant of Jason Reitman........he didn't write their lines at all. They just interviewed them about losing their respective jobs and just told them to talk about how they felt the day they were fired. It definitely lent a feeling of authenticity to the film.......a heart. My favorite relationship wasn't George and his love interest, it was him and his young protege. I love Anna Kendrick now. They had some funny, touching, sweet scenes together. Good movie! :clap:
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