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Evening Gate,

I had a Dell Axim that I used for years with Microsoft Reader...it was great held several thousand books and was something I could keep in my purse so if I got stuck anywhere I could just pull it out. The screen was decent sized and you can adjust the text. It was touch screen and the digitizer died about 4 months ago and I hadn't replaced it (or fixed it yet). So my brother bought me a Sony EReader for Christmas that I've been looking up info for but it only reads multi-format or its own specialty books, I don't know how well it works because I still haven't taken it out of the box (not because I don't want to just haven't had enough time). I definitely can say I prefer the availability of the Microsoft Reader Ebooks over Sony EReader Books (I can also open up Microsoft Reader on my PC without any difficulties and it is adjustable size to fit your monitor).

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