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As for my George - is it a drama, or comedy?


It's a bit of both, really. Clooney's character plays a guy who fires people for a living. His corporation is hired to terminate the employment of people all over the country. There's a small crew of them, and one gets the impression that Clooney is the very best (of course). It's a rather soulless existence: endless flights from one place to another: the airport and planes are his world and he has gotten the navigation of this world down to an art and a science. He carefully avoids anything like a real connection: dodges his sister's calls re: another sister's wedding. Lives out of a very depressing hotel for people who travel for a living: he traveled something like 322 days in the year--and regretted the ones he didn't. You see him fire someone and you can see why he's so good at it. He is also starting a career as a motivational speaker: having your life down to one backpack--and then setting fire to the back pack (i.e. no baggage to get in the way). He meets/hooks up with a fellow traveler and surprisingly to him, finds himself wanting more after a time. Also, his company is about to make a major change: firing people by virtual connection. He is given the task of taking this technique's inventor under his wing to show her the ropes. They both learn something. Actually, he learns a lot and even goes to the wedding. He gets a surprise (something I figured out long before he did), kind of grows a heart/soul and actually helps a couple of people.

In the trailers, I wasn't at all sure I wanted to see it: seemed depressing. But it's not, really. It's more t houghtful than I have suggested or than trailers did.
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