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RE: Will Ferrell. He's fine in some things. I actually enjoyed Elf and it has become part of our regular holiday rotation, although we didn't see it this year and I didn't miss it. My kids loved Anchorman and I watched it and laughed during the one time I saw it. Would not feel I was missing anything if I never saw it again. On the other hand, Stranger than Fiction was superb. I really, really like that one.

Generally speaking, I'm not over-fond of middle aged man-child comedies, no matter who is in the title role.

That said, I can appreciate Adam Sandler and Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. I actually enjoyed The Wedding Singer. 50 First Dates---I would have liked it a bit better if I didn't cringe a bit at the paternalistic nature of the premise. That bothered me, but Sandler/Barrymnore are good together on screen and there is something sweet/charming/little bit insightful about a guy having to/wanting to make a woman fall in love with him all over again every day....We did like him as Opera Man on SNL.

I liked Spanglish ok. I think that Tea Leoni was very brave to play such an unappealing, unattractive character. Liked every other character much more than I liked Sandlers and didn't see why the other woman fell in love with him. Didn't see Punch Drunk Love, didn't see Reign Over Me although I've heard good things about both. Just haven't gotten around to it.

Re: Jim Carrey. Well, we liked The Mask, but not enough that it's one of those we just have to have/rent again.... I can appreciate his talent and some of his work, but he doesn't appeal much to me.

Which brings up to me this point: I've often felt that for many comics and comedic actors, especially the really over the top ones, there is an underlying anger and meanness in their talent and performance that just reads: asshole to me. I see this in Carrey, Sandler, Ferrell and others. Robin Williams--less so, but perhaps because I grew up with him and perhaps because I've always also seen a certain vulnerability in his performance that I think some others reach for, but never quite get (with a couple of exceptions in performances.)

I'd like to see more good roles for Williams. I will make an effort to see almost any film he's in. Not so with the others mentioned. Those need very appealing co-stars or the presence and insistence of one or more of my kids.
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