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>> I loved him in The Wedding Singer & 50 First Dates.

Those are good ones, yeah... he's fun with Drew.

>> Zohan was stupid, imo, and I don't like movies like that one and there was a similar Ben Stiller movie that I thought was dumb too, even though I like Ben Stiller.

Didn't see Zohan, but I do like Zoolander a lot.

>> DH got Adam Sandler's first movie to add to his collection and omg, what a stupid waste of film that one is.

Going Overboard? I didn't see it. I did see his second, Shakes The Clown, a Bobcat Goldthwait vehicle. Both pre-SNL.

I worked with a guy that knew Sandler pre-fame, and didn't like him much.

I like Will Ferrell. I liked Taladega Nights.

I keep meaning to see Spanglish, but haven't yet.

Robin Williams has done a lot of fine dramatic work, and been in some great comedies, of course, but his (and Carrey's) schtick sometimes makes me wanna say 'Just stop. Shut up. That's enough.'

Marg - did you see Eternal Sunshine? (please do, even if you hate Carrey)
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