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Grave of the Fireflies... I haven't seen it, but just came across it in the book of 101 War Movies You Need To See Before You Die (Mom gave to Dad for Christmas... want to get the available Horror, Sci-Fi, and Gangster editions, too... great little books...).

The Truman Show is good.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a big favorite.
Man on the Moon, also good for those that don't REALLY like Jim Carrey, but...

I like him, but less than I used to.

I haven't seen Funny People yet (but want to)... but the Adam Sandler movie for people that don't like Adam Sandler is Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch-Drunk Love. It's beautiful and funny and charming and awesome and a lot of other good words. And it's okay - really - if you don't like Adam Sandler.

I think Sandler's okay. Liked him well enough on SNL, have liked some of the movies (Billy Madison) and hated others (Big Daddy is terrible, terrible, terrible...).
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