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Big agree that the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice is the very, very best I've seen. And I think I've seen all of them.

Re: Marley and Me. I didn't think it lived up to the book, quite. I was only 'meh' re: casting. Not bad, but not my favorites. I actually thought the book worked when it focused on Marley, and less so as it focused more on the human characters. True of the book, too. I loved the book, but hubby got it for me the Christmas before our first dog died and we knew he would die...soon. So, tears started running as I opened the book and of course, during the entire thing because we all know how every dog book ends. So, I was a mess reading it and haven't actually gone back to re-read it. Hmmm. I think I lent it to someone and am not sure I got it back. Seriously need more bookshelves, devoted to my stuff for a change. But that's a different post.

I really liked Iron Man, mostly because it didn't take itself so seriously as say, Batman or Spiderman. And of course, my lover boy, RD Jr. just made the whole thing. However, like all comic based films, one must suspend a LOT of disbelief and not just re: rocket strapped on backs. But fun for the ride and I was thrilled to see that they set it up for a natural sequel. One thing: I would not recommend this film to anybody who has been in Afghanistan. My son hated it because so much of it was so unrealistic: re the actors portraying locals. All the wrong science/bad physics didn't bother him half so much, and he's a science/physics person, plus a total comic nerd.
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