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Dec 31 2009, 03:44 AM
We wanted to go to see Slumdog but the hype was killing it for me. Not sure about US, but here in the UK, I felt it was everywhere, couldn't escape it. But I got to like the music from it a lot.
Shelle--I won't delete off my dvr yet because of the music.....there is a fabulous song/dance at the very end that I just love.

We recorded "He's Just Not Into You" today and tried to watch it, but seriously, it was BAD. I finally put us both out of our misery (torture) and turned it off. Great cast but horrible movie!

Dax--I can see you enjoying Iron Man.......it was one of my favorite movies of the year. I know people who won't see it because it's a 'comic book movie' and they don't know what they're missing. Fun, entertaining movie! Have you seen the trailer for the second one yet? It looks awesome and Mickey Rourke looks to be a badass villain. Here 'tis.


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