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I agree about the teen aspect.

I also agree with all the logical criticism like she's 17, he's 100 - werid, almost sick. Or Jacob Imprinting Reneesme as a baby and so on.

But as me, an adult, I'm annoyed how cryptical SM was about their first night together :)

If I try to analyze the whole saga too much, it gives me headache and I really dislike many aspects of it (as a future parent), but if I think about me as the reader, I just love Edwards' relationshop with Bella. The way he looks at her, thinks of her, protects her, he loves her so much he would do anything for her though it may be wrong (like leaving in NM). I don't see this kind of love with Jacob, he sure wants her but he would never really DO everything for her.

Not sure I confessed it here, but I skipped NM, I couldn't read it after Edward's departure. Yesterday, I at least read the ending the cliff, Italy, return. I think I'll be able to finish the rest in few days, I feel strong enough to survive Jacob being there all the time :)
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