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Dax thank you for the link. It actually answered a couple of questions I had about the making of Venice. 12 episodes for a total of 72 minutes (I'm sure those mins include the opening and closing credits). I couldn't find this info before. People have compared the price to going to see a movie...I haven't been out to a movie in over 10 years...but movies are longer than 1 hour 12 mins. I sorta wish I had heard from the beginning there would be a fee...I might have, maybe paid it. We'll see, maybe for their next season. I'd still like more bang for my buck.

I was curious too if the actors were being paid as I read that Gotham's weren't. And now I see that it's the same with them. I also didn't realize that all the merchandise they sold went toward airfare, we know that can be expensive. I knew they (Otalia) had fans, didn't realize they had quite so many but that's cool.

Sure are a lot of actors I would like to see on the show :) Wow....didn't know the "Kiss" was actually nixed...I just thought they weren't bothering with much since the show was canceled. Thanks again for the link
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