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Hi. My name is Jana and I'm an Edward(h)olic. I've bought the first book at the airport as a friend of mine told me about the movie and that she loved it though it's so teen. Then I remember that some of you mentioned it here as your guilty pleasure. I always considered it as a teen thing for girls to love a vampire, you know. But first you here, then the friend. So I was at the airport, looking for a book for the flight and I saw twilight there and I bought it. I went to see my parents, so it was killing me that the first evening we talked and talked and I got late to bed and couldn't read. The next day was better and I finished the book at 3am. I fell in love with Edward and Bella.

Then I decided to buy the rest of the books back home. I ordered NM and Eclipse, but they didn't have NM in stock, so I cancelled the order and made a new one at Amazon. But they still sent me Eclipse from the first one, so I peeked a bit, two chapters. Then I got ebook of NM, so I started reading it. Edward's departure made me to hate the book. Especially when I found out he would be missing most of the book. So I switched back to Eclipse. Finished at 5am. Next day, I started reading BD, e-version again as I could not simply wait for the books to come and they didn't have them in my library.

I've finally finished yesterday evening. So I can breathe again, eat and so on.

I just love the story of Edward and Bella, I know the saga is cheesy, especially BD, but I don't care. I love reading all E&B scenes and moments and enjoy them.

Rationally speaking, a terrible story, she's 17, a kid, he's an old experienced man, no way I would support a relationship like this in RL. The whole concept is ridiculous that he would tell her the secret and the family was OK with it and there are many things that don't fit, but Edward makes up for all these.

Now, the friend who recommended it to me is also reading Eclipse, she skipped the NM as well, I know we're terrible. Another friend of mine saw me reading Twilight and I was like "I know, I'm ashamed, it's for girls, but you have no idea how cute Edward and Bella are together." And her reply: "Hmmmm. Don't care, haven't seen the movies, it's not for me." So, two or three weeks later, she's reading Eclipse, too. After finishing both Twilight and NM (good girl). So the three of us we text and IM each other all the time and you can imagine what we say.

Sorry, it's so long. I'm just too addicted and I could talk about Edward and Bella for ages. Or to use their term - forever :)
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