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Alan obviously had what Roger Ebert once called Ali MacGraw's disease from Love Story: you become perfect, and then you die. I had to tear up at Phillip saying he's the oldest male Spaulding now, since I'm kinda going through the same thing.

I thought bringing back the Reardons was pointless. They've been gone so long, many new viewers had no clue who they are (and it wasn't explained well at all), the only tie they still had was Matt and BARELY Dylan, and they contributed nothing to wrapping anything up - they were just there. Then again I have never been a Bridget or Nola fan.

Loved seeing Fletcher. It's about time Alex gets some!!

Thank heaven Marina/Shayne & Mallet/Dinah reunited - Marina & Shayne have been destined for couplehood pretty much since they were born, and reuniting Dinette takes away some of the "Mallet married his goddaughter" ick factor. We can just forget those other pairings happened.

I still think Matt & Jon should have pulled an Otalia since they were both alone at the end. LOL

ALWAYS!!!! :cheers1: :clap:

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