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>> The Fletcher/Bill moment about Ben was very awkward and not very credible, which is fitting given that Ben's write-off was very awkward and not very credible.

Amen to that.

>> Billy/Vanessa reunion is great but it, too, felt slapdash; again in fairness, I've only seen a handful of episodes.

It wouldn't have mattered if you saw more. We weren't given the opportunity (in their handful of filler scenes over the last year or so) to see Vanessa 'fall' for Billy's charms again... the audience just had to rely on knowing that she's always loved him... the Matt/Vanessa break-up was also really crappy.. years ago, there was all this tension that Dinah might try to take her Mom's young husband... well, Matt/Dinah DID finally happen, but it was treated almost as a nothing, no big deal... Vanessa was dumping Matt because he invested some money poorly, and lied about it...

>> and endings for others (India, Amanda, Marah, Samantha, Claire, Peter) would've been great, too.

Bridget gave an update on Peter- he's starting at Springfield U...

Yeah, so much of the background (or, um, overpowering FOREGROUND) music is truly terrible.
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