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>> It was just okay and on screen we saw their screennames while IMing as frankly with a random number and cbtm spfld (which stood for Christina Blake Thorpe Marler) not whatever names they gave on camera. It was weird that they didn't match.

Yeah, I noticed that, both that her initials were in her screenname (and he's 'frankly') and that their dialogue didn't match what we'd seen with our eyes...

>> doesn't mean that Blake won't leave him for Ross who isn't really dead or for a really hot friend of one of her kids when they are grown.

Right. True on both counts.

>> Rick finally getting a girl was good payoff, and they ignored Leah and Jude. Poor Rick's kids.

I'm fine with not seeing Leah - that Michelle/Rick line about the kids at the barbecue was enough, she was there for that.

Phillip at least mentioned Zach, yeah, but Jude has gone a long while without mention... they should be SORASed contemporaries of James, right? (Daisy/James is still so icky to me- he's NAMED for her FATHER... he was born, and she was just a wee bit younger then than she appears to be now...)

The ending was what it was, yup. The Kreizman/Wheeler regime didn't really do anything I liked except the earliest appearances of Jonathan (based in part, I'm sure, in the relief that came with Sandy not being Jonathan) and that special 70th Anniversary episode...

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