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>> I love him and Alex together.

Me, too.

>> So glad someone mentioned Dylan, I thought he was supposed to be there, but I must have missed him somehow.

He was there, but if you'd blinked... dancing with Reva once... and when Nola and Bridget were talking to Matt, Dylan walked up and said 'It's good to see you' and they gave each other a little hug...

>> Is he still with Bridget?

They were not together while Dylan (that bad Brian Gaskill recast) was in town last, and they weren't 'together' here, but we may feel free to make up our own What Happened Next with them if we like...

Bridget said Peter was starting at Springfield U.

>> Dax, shame on you for wanting Michelle to dump that fine piece of man, Danny! I love them together also!

I always thought he was a lying slimeball, and Michelle would be much better off with me.
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