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Sep 18 2009, 12:06 PM
I posted the other day about Alan's death. We get Guiding Light at 9am in Chicago...I am not here to spoil it (because there would be PLENTY to spoil!) but, I wanted to get this thread going on the thoughts of the finale.

I was impressed and not disappointed in one bit. I cried like a baby (I am a man, so, I should probably not admit to that!) because it was just beautifully done and tied up loose ends. It ended...but you can feel it continue in your heart.

This was indeed a generational show. I had looked forward to one day sharing it with my kids, should I be so blessed to have any. While that is not to be, I am thankful I got to watch the show with my mom, and her mom, and have those memories to cherish. My grandma died in 1985 - Guiding Light was really my last remaining non-family link to her.

We will all have memories of the good, and the bad. I am choosing to use today's finale as what Guiding Light will forever be to me.

I am anxious to hear thoughts from all of you, *my* Guiding Light family.
There was one loose end that I wish they would have tied up and that was what happened to Jeffrey and Edmund. I did like that the last line was 'Always' and Reva and Josh driving off together.
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