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I was wondering about Vanessa, too...but because of the show overall, I didn't think of it until after! I will just assume she was at the park with everyone as well. :)

I think there was closure with Jeffrey, at least in my opinion, on Thursday. I think the idea we are to believe that Jeffrey will spend his days chasing Edmund. But I think Edmund was right about Jeffrey loving the thrill and danger of it - that it means more to him than anything else...more than his wife and child, even.

Anyway - I just loved it. I have watched it two times now (the boyfriend had to watch it when he got home) and have cried both times. And lucky me, I get to do it all over again when my mom comes over today. Why do I torture myself?! Then I made the mistake of youtube'ing old GL scenes. Yeah, that was hard!

I will always love this show. Always.
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