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I just watched the last episode of Guiding Light and I have to say that although I'm deeply saddened that the soap has ended, I am surprisingly impressed with the last week.

Had Grant not come back to help close out the show as Phillip, the ending would have never made sense. To see Phillip and Beth together, Rick and Mindy, Frank and Blake, Buzz and Lillian, Ed and Holly, Billy and Vanessa, Alex and Fletcher, Mallet and Dinah, and of course, Josh and Reva - it made things ok. Of course, the fact that there IS still a community in Springfield even leaves the teeniest bit of hope that maybe, just maybe someone can breathe life back into our show. I know, I know ... but a girl can dream, can't she?

Goodbye Guiding Light. :bye1: I remember taking naps as a little girl - listening to the show as mom watched. I remember watching all summer while I was in school and I remember that you were the FIRST show I learned to program on my brand new VHS ... just as you were the FIRST show I set up a season pass for on my TIVO. And THANK YOU to everyone involved in getting Grant back on the show before it went off the air. It just wouldn't have been the same without him.

I wish all of the talented actors from Guiding Light much success should the choose to continue to work, or if they choose to now retire, I wish them the very best as they enjoy their "me" time. I hope each and every one of them know how much they touched my life and the lives of so many.
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