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Tuesday, September 15th #15759

Blake clarifies to Frank that the woman from the online dating website didn't say no and that he should ask her again.

Everyone enjoys the reception as the kissing becomes contagious. Maureen and Matt head to the dance floor. Phillip's happy he got to see another wedding in Springfield. Bill thinks the good things are outnumbering the bad and everyone is finally coming together. James still doesn't understand why Phillip chose Alan over James for the donor. Phillip proposes to Beth and then Beth catches Lillian's bouquet. At the park, Phillip exclaims to Alan that he doesn't want to waste his life and is marrying Beth. When Alan doesn't respond, Phillip realizes Alan is dead.
Josh thinks its time for him to head out for awhile. Josh informs Reva that he's going to Venezula. Reva gives her support. Jonathan explains to Lizzie that he drew up custody papers for them. Lizzie is ecstatic.

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