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Jul 30 2009, 09:09 AM
Wonder what made them think of making the character more important in the show than it is in the book. Kinda curious of the process of when they sit down with a book or series of books and read them...how they decide what's best to change or even leave out.
Well, I've read in interviews that one problem Ball had with the books is that they are all told in the first person, from Sookie's point of view. It's why some readers (not a majority, however) are disappointed in the series True Blood: the character of Sookie does NOT drive everything in the show; in the books the reader gets a much fuller, richer understanding of her character, her ideas, her concerns, etc.

Since the books are 1st person, Ball figured he needed someone close to Sookie with whom she could confide, talk things over, share her mind - that became Tara. However, in the shows S2, she and Sookie are very very rarely even together in scenes.
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