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Sooooooooo. A little birdie told me that my Buffy seasons 6 and 7 are on their way and I am VERY excited. Can't wait!

We've gone back to Angel in the interim and I have to say again how much I LOVE 'The Host'. That guy is so funny and he actually has a great voice! Definitely my fave recurring character on that show. And ANY scene in that karaoke bar is a definite winner, especially when the creepy demons are singing. :lmfao:

So, what did you guys think of Darla on Angel? I must say that it's taken me quite a while to get used to her as this character since I've been watching Julie Benz on Dexter for the last three seasons and she is SO totally different on that show. Kind of a sweet, delicate goody-two-shoes. So NOT Darla. You will be happy to know that Drusilla is finally rubbing off on me. She is such a nutcase, you can't help but laugh at her. We're at the point now where Angel has fired Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn and is all on his own and is even darker and broodier than ever. I can't wait for them all to get back together again.

P.S. I had to google KMI's post too. I thought maybe it some kind of demon language!
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