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Well, we watched the finale of season five tonight so we are done for the time being. I'm so sad. It's like getting to the end of a good book and you just don't want it to end. :'(
It ain't over yet. Lucky you!!!!

I thought the finale was amazing.
The Gift is a Top ten eppy. Love the scene at the end with the Scoobies and Spike under the tower crying.

I just have to tell ya'll how much I love Dawn now.....love, love, LOVE her! It hardly seems possible to grow attached to a new character so quickly but it happened.....I can't even imagine the show without her now. And I love her relationship with Spike, so cute.
Yes the Spawn relationship is awesome...and a major reason that, imo, Spike....well, save that for S6 and S7 discussion....

And have I ever mentioned that James Marsters has the most magnificent cheekbones ever? Angel who??? :bye1:
JM was working out and nearly starving himself for this role at this point. I hate to say it, because I don't want anyone to starve...but damn....(((hotflashes...)))

There was a well known fanvid on Youtube of Spike and his *headtilts." It's gone now. :-/ This is a short version....


There are also many outstanding fanvids featuring the Buffy cast and Spike (natch') is a big focus. Here's one that has a lot of *Crush* - there are a few spoilery scenes from S6 and S7 but nothing plot driven. You'll need to download it and have the xvid code to play....


Some Questions>>>>

Reaction to Riley and his exit in Into the Woods?

Liking Tara? with Willow?

Anya and the Troll ? :lmfao:
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