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Jun 18 2009, 09:59 AM
Cheryl come out come out where ever you are.
Sorry, bud.....I actually worked today with my brother.....physical labor even. I am whupped! :sos:

So I was telling Gate that I was literally dying without the board because we've watched probably eight or nine Buffy episodes since I last posted and I needed to dish! Seriously, I haven't watched an entire series so fast since we got the first season of House many moons ago. I am officially obsessed!

First off, one of my FAVE eppies was Crush, the one where Spike finally declares his love to a repulsed and unbelieving Buffy. I had to watch that one twice. But leading up to that, his little crush on her has been so freaking hysterical from the 'Buffy mannequin" to Spike stealing Buffy's blue cashmere sweater and he and Harmony doing the role play thing with her wearing it and acting like she was the slayer. Just so funny. And one of the eppies had Spike and Joyce watching Passions together and excitedly discussing Timmy the doll. Fabulous!

We are still SHOCKED that they killed off Joyce. I thought she was a goner when she was going through the brain tumor and the surgery and stuff.......I really thought they were going to kill her off then. But nooooooooooo. She survived. Yay! And then a few episodes down the road she up and dies out of freaking nowhere! Shocked......stunned.......saddened. We watched "The Body" last night and OMG.....it was just too sad for words. It was the first time that I was almost glad when an episode ended.....I was that shook up. But the performances of the actors in that episode were amazing. Especially Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, and Michelle Trachtenberg. I didn't cry until Willow started losing it and after that, I was a goner. Damn.....I just can't believe they really killed her off! :rip:

Tonight we watched 'Intervention' with Spike and his 'Buffybot'. I was happy to get back to the lighter, more fun stuff. LOL......as if Spike could REALLY be satisfied with a Buffy robot. I don't think so! One of my fave parts in that one was when Glory thought Spike was the key so she had her troll guys capture him. Then when he wouldn't tell her who was the 'key', he told them it was the guy from that game show where you have to guess the prices. And the troll guys go, "We will bring you Bob Barker! We will bring you the limp and bloody body of Bob Barker!" My hubby and I were laughing so hard we couldn't hear the rest and had to rewind! :lmfao:

Only four more episodes to go......this is soooooo much fun!!!
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