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So just quick finale week thoughts...

Paul won part 1 and Josh part 2. They seem to be set on taking each other to F2. I presume Paul will win and make the choice. Josh might have a very hard time cutting Christmas if he has to choose.

I think Paul will win regardless but I hope not. His speech is as condescending and cocky as he has been all season. Its very well rehearsed (and posted on hamsterwatch and elsewhere) though and Josh has given us no hint of his. Paul told him it was just Q&A no speech but I assume DR will tell him.

They are all convinced Christmas will win AFP....she is basically ok with bowing out 3rd and hoping for a return ticket next season.

No Dr. Will jury roundtable this season...boo!! He is taking Jeffs place for BY interviews though so I will for sure watch those now.

Thats about it......bring on the Z-list celebs lol.
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