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And shocker (or not).....Paul is the rumored POV winner.

With this HOH and POV- Pauls stats
It makes 6 HOH wins tying Janelle and Rachel for most all time. If he wins the final he will tie a group of players for most in a single season with 4 and have the most all time.

He ties Janelle and Dani Donato for most POV wins in a single season with 5. He also passes Janelle for most all time vetos with 8.

He has the most combined comp wins with 14 beating Janelles 13. She still holds the record for single season comp wins with 9 to his 8.

I think he also now has the record for most time in the BB house.

I hated even typing all that. The mere thought of Pauls name being on almost every BB record makes me a bit queasy. Especially when the sheep threw almost every comp this season. Terrible.
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