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Totally worst season EVAH!!!

I am soooo hoping for a bitter jury. Thats all thats left to root for. Paul had a pretty easy path but he did work for it. That 3 weeks of safety at the very beginning set him up perfectly. Thats when everyone jumped aboard the Paul train since they knew they couldn't target him he became the de facto leader. He was smart enough to read everyone early on and get rid of anyone who was there to win or was a threat to him. Starting with Dominique he engineered every eviction...EVERY SINGLE ONE. He had a hand in Jillians too but that first week was so weird with Megan quitting and no feeds until well into the week I dont count that fully for him. The other idiots made it easy for him but he was smart enough to take advantage. A lot of his more nuanced machinations were missed on the broadcasts but early on his gameplay was on point. It went south the week Jess used the hex. Thats when he flipped the switch and dictator Paul came out.

All that said I still hope he loses....to a girl....by 1 vote. (Not that i want Christmas to win either lol).

Alex leaves today, feeds down til after Wed. show.
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