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I cancelled my feeds but they gave me a free month so I'll have them through the end even though I barely watch them now.

Paul has done the job he came there to do. I dont fault him for that and he can say he dominated the game from day 1. As a viewer I agree with most everyone else it has made this season almost unwatchable. I just fear that we will be stuck with Paul as Jeffs replacement for interviews etc. once this is all over since I'm sure production is loving every minute of this and are now giving him a major puppet master edit.

Josh fully sees what is happening but he defers to Christmas for most everything and she has drowned in the kool-aid. I think she has visions of cutting Paul at F4 to make her case to the jury but I think if Paul gets past this DE he will hoh/veto win his way to the end. Josh is actually a fan of the show, he says superfan but I wouldn't say I believe that. He was a finalist for S17, I think the spot that eventually went to Austin. He laid everyones games out very accurately to Christmas and she shut him down. He exasperatedly gave up and agreed to go along with Pauls plan.

I have no hope anyone will do anything except wait for Paul to determine who gets 2nd place.
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