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I think I am enjoying the spectacle and the fast pace enough to overlook the clunkiness. See relevant comments below:

S7, E1 – Dragonstone

Episode reviews by Myles McNutt at avclub. I’ve been following him awhile, back when he did a Buffy rewatch 10 yrs ago?
AVClub review

I sorta forgot Arya had already murdered Walder, but something didn’t feel right, then I remembered.

My book reading friends note the same as McNutt – that the show is pruning and narrowing focus, while the books continue to (choose one: develop an intricate canvas/sprawl and bloat). :D

The exposition is a bit heavy – but I need the review so people talking about stuff to clarify their options is helpful.

• Cersei and Jaime and the map.
• The North is between a rock (The Wall) and a hard place (King’s Landing) – How can Jon justify any action?
• Sansa and Jon debate options.
• Tyrion lays out plans for Dany.

Lovely scene with Arya and the soldiers, and not because of Shereen. I loved the absurdity of her list being touched upon and laughed about, with the grim reality a horrifying undercurrent. She is not a little girl any more.

Euron’s little digs at Jaime – ouch! I am not hopeful that Jaime will end with a satisfying arc (this after seeing ALL of S7, not just e1). I agree with mcNutt that his development seems to have gone backwards. If Cersei is his fatal flaw, we need more than just his unswerving loyalty to her, justified by their past. IMHO.

Dragonstone is gorgeous. Need to research if it is a real place or an elaborate set. It seems impossible that it’s a set.

Sam in Maester training – poor guy! So much literal crap to deal with in an effort to make a difference.

Boy there’s a lot of instantaneous traveling. I’m kinda glad.
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