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Yes Kevin has alluded to some stuff that's tarnishing his early shine. At one point, he asked Paul if he can crash with him after the show if his marriage is over. Not entirely a joke.

If Mark stays up, and they don't evict him, then I'm shocked, because most other houses would have figured out

1. Take Cody to the end. No one is giving him the money, especially now that Jess is not in Jury and can't drum up any support.

2. Mark has shown challenge beast skillz.

Mark is clearly the better target and Paul just may realize that... I think the question in his mind might be whether that DE HoH is someone he can trust. Is Cody at all smart enough to realize that making a secret deal with Paul may get him further?

ETA: And apparently, there is a tiny ray of light to keep Cody, unbeknownst to Paul. Alex is unhappy with Elena and some are seeing that Elena is too much of a goat for Paul's game. Alex has told Cody to convince Mark to take HIMSELF off. Then there's no renom. Cody needs to play the game some...

The strategizing this season has been so lame.
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