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Yeah B and Andy were in a spat because she was unhappy with her edit last season and Andy was upset with some of her more public meltdowns during the end of her divorce. He cancelled her Sirius radio show that was on his channel. Thats why early this season she refused to film with certain people (remember the party where she went to pick up Carole and refused to get out of the car?) her way of throwing a temper tantrum. They eventually made up sometime around the holidays and when all the Jason stalking stuff came out. Shortly after is when this new show was announced.

I'm so confused about Tom, maybe the draw is that he had never been married. I hadn't thought of that but it has to be something for all those women to be stuck in his orbit. I definitely dont find him particularly attractive and I'm sure hes not poor but I dont get the impression hes rolling in dough either.
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