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That was an odd finale, especially following the trip to Mexico. I thought the drama between Tinsley and Sonja felt mostly manufactured. Scott seems like a good guy but my gut feeling is that if he doesn't provide Tinsley with enough drama, she'll seek it out somewhere else. When Ramona said she didn't know if she'll find someone, I think that was the first time I felt for her this season. Something other than annoyance, that is. LuAnn can be such a phony at times that it's difficult to tell if there really was a great love for Tom, or she just wanted to see it that way. He didn't seem like a man deeply in love in any of their scenes that I can remember.

Usually, I dread the rehashing of all the past drama during the reunions but I am intrigued by what LuAnn has to say about Tom dissing her on camera. I don't know if I can sit through another round of Bethenny vs. Ramona, lol.

Do you have any thoughts or insight about BRAVO making Bethenny do a softer version of herself for this show before they air her new show with that idiot Fredrik? There's quite a noticeable change, and I wondered if BRAVO wanted to do some damage control.
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