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Aug 1 2017, 12:27 AM
I loathe Shannon.
Ohhhh, I can see how that would make it difficult to watch OC. I think Kelly Dodd is awful but I still find her somewhat amusing when she interacts with the other ladies. Vicki is just a gross human being to me but I can still sit through most of her scenes.

Did you hear about Terry Dubrow having an affair and the mistress had to be paid off? I guess Kelly shouted something about it out of the window of the bus last season but Heather got them to edit it out. There was speculation the real reason Heather didn't come back was because she didn't want it talked about onscreen.

This season may be wonky with Tamra and Shannon not wanting to film with Vicki. I guess Tamra said something about them trying to go back to the early seasons and have them spend more time with their families. If this week's episode was any indication, it may be a boring season. None of them are very interesting on their own.

Lots of comments about this season of NYC being their best. I'd say it's in the Top 3 with seasons 2 and 3.
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