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LuAnn falling in the bushes was so awesome! There were plenty of comments about her being a good travel partner.

Carole has been a great source of humor with her Talking Heads. It's nice that they've used her as this kind of comic relief, as she's not one to get down in the mud like the others.

It did make sense what Sonja(?) was saying about Ramona not being happy but faking that she is happy being the cause of Ramona's bizarre behavior. Ramona has taken her skill at being awful to great heights this season. Occasionally, they squeeze a laugh out of me but usually they just make me cringe.

With the way Bethenny carried on about Ramona being on her best behavior, I thought we were going to meet at least one of her business partners. That tequila dinner made my mouth water, though.

I feel like you don't watch OC. Right?
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