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I read somewhere that Paul thinks he can trick jess into not using the power, like she was tricked into not using the veto? or was that speculation? I think one option discussed was that they will let Jess win veto, take herself down, then put up someone else, then convince jess to save the power for later and NOT use it on Cody - possibly by convincing her Jason or new nom is the target???

And Jody "broke up" yesterday?

I know some people think it's a "waste" of an HoH to do these noms, but in survivor the smart plan has always been to flush out idols(powers) and so if it forces her to use it, then it was a success, because that means they are closer to breaking up that team before the numbers dwindle. Otherwise, the threat of its use keeps them safe thru 2-3 more weeks? Too dangerous.

Off to read.... ;)

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