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A lot of people are comparing paul to derrick (who i respected but didn't like) but I actually mostly like Paul. Not sure how I'd feel if I watched feeds and saw a lot of him.

I think what most people really hate is that the HG are too blind and are followers. IMO though, if you are going on BB and have NOT watched most seasons then damn, watch 'em. And know that, in most years, the returning players are in the finals if they aren't evicted earlier rather than later.

BB 13 - Rachel won as a vet
BB 14 - Dan - 2nd place lost to Ian in finals
BB 15/16/17 - all noobs I have absolutuely no memory of Steve Moses, winner two years ago, even after seeing his pic. :P
BB 18 - Nicole won as a vet
OTT season - Jason in Finals
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