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Most of the hgs have discussed Raven and her (lack of?) illness. They were all super supportive the first couple weeks but her constant stories are wearing thin on many. She emptied the hot tub last night with a story about her disease, they all just kind of scampered away as quick as they could. Paul, the king of over the top, called her over the top today. Kevin refers to her as the healthiest sick person he's ever seen. The all stop way short of calling her a faker but there are serious doubts among many.

Yeah they have been very careful to not show sex on the feeds, they never cared before but there was some sort of uproar last year over Paulie/Zakiyah so maybe that has something to do with it? Jess/Cody have been open about the fact they are having sex. Mark/Elena play coy but the others seem to believe they have also. Raven implied to Ramses that her and Matt have but I doubt that one.

Jess did go to the DR this am (some say she was asking for the morning after pill). She didnt say specifically but she was talking about it taking 2 weeks to kick in and she already had a script for it but left it home because she didnt think she'd need it, that sounds like birth control to me not the morning after pill (could be both?). Cody then made a comment about that being incentive to stay at least 2 weeks. Jess said "she told me to tell you to do your part with the supplies in storage" lol. Cody wasnt amused. There seemed to be some sort of scare when feeds fist came on too as I remember them cryptically and half jokingly talking about her being pregnant and him being very ok with the thought of it, her not so much. Silly kids!
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