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I haven't seen much about Raven's illnesses being discussed on TVCH - the HG have generally been tolerant of her stories and discrepancies, though Kevin and Jason did apparently discuss it obliquely and noted that social media would destroy fakers. (meaning Raven is a faker, or making mountains out of molehills?)

Meanwhile, I guess Big brother TV has decided to downplay or not show the sexual stuff, even on the feeds, because apparently Jess and Cody have been at it since week one. Jokers is reporting (via a leak, who has been right about stuff during blocked feeds) that Jess is asking for the morning after pill because she didn't bring hers and Cody doesn't use the condoms. I dunno if this was the BB Voice or just the poster's commentary:

"Tell Cody to use the condoms in the storage room."

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