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Jess won veto. It was the exploding paint one. Cody may have thrown it to her.

Since noms were already done when feeds came back and her and Cody have been too busy sucking face to talk game, its hard to say what the strategy was. Obviously she doesnt like Josh and her/Cody blame Josh/Ramses for flipping and voting Jillian out so I'm guessing that could be part of it. Buying a week or two of goodwill plus her having the hex will likely get them both to jury now. I cant believe she apparently didnt secure the votes to get Josh out before noms. She has a terrible read on the house.

Sure some of them have a plan to take Paul out later but sadly I dont see any of them having the intelligence/guts to do it. The rest dont care they just hang on his every word and just want to make jury.

I wouldnt mind Alex beating him in the end but I dont see him making the same mistake twice. He'll drag a Victoria along this time. He has a lot of F2s.
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