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The Paul stuff was blown way out of proportion. It all started because he used the term "blackface" which send the nutty feeders who already hate Paul into an absolute tizzy. He was trying to look like a snake since Dom has been calling them all snakes. He did it for veto ceremony because he was expecting her to make a big speech and he wanted to be in costume for it. He ended up just having some black stripes on his face (maybe warned by production to not go too far?). Much ado about nothing if you ask me.

Josh vs Mark was the much bigger deal yesterday. That was a prank gone wrong that could have easily gotten one or both of them booted.

I have a hard time connecting with this cast for some reason but they do entertain me. There are certain things I like about all of them.

Dom will be evicted this week (unless craziness happens) and feeds will be down til after the battleback.
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