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Cody and Jess are terrible but they are entertaining. He is by far the creepiest guy ever on BB and thats saying alot considering there have been some real creeps. He has her fully under his creep spell, I'm curious what she will be like without him there.

Ramses only had to be nominated for one week out of the 3. There was a lot of confusion about it but it seems they cleared it up in the DR and its only one week. If Ramses had won the veto and taken himself off it would have locked Alex and Josh in as the noms (no replacement nom for Ramses since he was a "special nominee") and there would have been no chance to backdoor Cody. I feel bad for Ramses, he's getting a raw deal. He is target #1 for most people and he really didnt do anything wrong. Not only are they mad from the veto but Kevin has pinned his vote switch on Ramses and now everyone thinks he took the $25K too.

Yes Paul is a sore winner.

Christmas is due to have surgery tomorrow but all plans are for her to return.

There was another Josh/Cody argument during the veto ceremony. Didnt sound like it was too extreme. Sounds like Josh used his save me speech to go after Cody.

Aside from Cody/Jess everyone else is getting along and celebrating Doms birthday.
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