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I really enjoy Kevin. Hes like a weird cross of Evil Dicks cool, edgy swag mixed with Chicken Georges fun, affable attitude. He is still clueless about the game. He just learned 2 days ago that he would get a letter if he won hoh, after a very long explanation about how it works he proclaimed that the coolest thing ever and NOW he wants to win hoh lol. He can relate to the younger set socially because of his kids. Everyone wants to take him deep in the game. He gets very agitated at any mention of "making it to jury" he plans to win the game. He really is quite a character.

The feeds are dominated by the same few hamsters that you see on BBAD. Its not annoying me too much yet since they are the major players this week but I do hope they spread the love moving forward.

Mark has way more connection with Christmas and Dom than he does with Elena. He craves attention and wants to be loved. I know his parents are both deceased but I dont recall the circumstances if they revealed it, maybe that has something to do with his need for affection. He seems to be fully back on the Elena train now after he had a handy morning.

I didnt see the feeds of Cody calling Jess "Alex" so I cant say for sure but Jess didnt talk about it or act mad at him so either she didnt catch it or she didnt take it offensively, so maybe it was in a different context.

Paul is annoying in large doses. I liked him last year and I haven't started changing cams when he enters a room yet this season but I do see why he annoys many. It took him awhile last year to get started playing, he had to recover from all the Jozea stuff early on. This year he picked up in full game mode right where he left off.

Dom is very charming and very smart. Dom/Mark=Danielle/Jason S3. I'm impressed by her.

Codys fall from grace next week (if Jess doesnt win) will be fun to watch.

This season does have a S6 vibe. This is the first, first vote that is truly up in the air in a long, long time. I think it will be 7-5 Jillian leaving but who knows. Crazy Josh is the swing vote.
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